Favorite Quotations:

"I keep six honest serving men (they taught me all I know): their names are what, and why, and when, and how, and where, and who". - Rudyard Kipling. "

A picture may paint a thousand words, but it never replaces them" - Dave Longstaff.
Interesting Articles:

When in Japan - It is always worth knowing a little bit about their culture:

Just for Fun:
An analysis of the interrelationship between Runes, Numerology, Chakras, Tarot, Colours, etc... Withe the exception of numerolgy for Aries, It's interesting how it all fits! which goes a long way to proving that there may be something in it.

Useful tools :

  • SMS and Smiley code translations
  • Spoof your emails addresses in source codeto hide them from webcrawlers
  • Create random image displays from a pre defined list of images
  • Create a slideshow from a pre defined list of images
  • A trick to resize an image(s) for the internet, without using a graphics package
  • Create different types of popup messages and windows:
  • Font style code examples - view the code for this file to see how to set text in a non default font style