David Longstaff FISTC - IQA

Starting in the IT and Communications industry as a Transmission Network Engineer and Technical Trainer, moving into 'Quality, Systems, and Strategy' in 1986 as a Business Analyst, Technical Author, Project, and Quality Improvement Manager. Currently working as a Freelance Technical Author from my office in Milton Keynes.

A 'Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators' (FISTC), a certified 'Internal Quality Auditor', and a member of the IQA forum.

Technical Author/writer/Communicator and Editor (FISTC).
Publications Management, information development, design, and implementation in printed, On Line Help and Web formats to agreed styles, templates, and standards. My ability to take documents written by developers, or other authors, that were rejected by clients and quickly turn them into accepted documents resulted in one client giving me the title of 'The Document Doctor'.

Business Analyst.
Business Requirements Analysis (BRA), Gap Analysis (GA), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Re-design (BPR), and Change Management (CM).

Project/Programme Management.
Hardware, Software, and Process development life cycle management using Total Quality Management Tools and Techniques. Incorporating requirements analysis, research, design, development, implementation, documentation, training, and auditing.

Quality Assurance (IQA) Management, Auditing and Testing.
A certified BS5750 & ISO9000:2008 Internal Quality Auditor (ASCB(E)) and Author. Managing quality service improvement, security, KPIs, RFCs etc... Producing and maintaining ISO/Business compliance procedures, processes, and local work instructions. Analysis and functional testing (Manual & Automatic) of Products, Services, Applications, and procedures; often identifying issues that other auditors/testers may have missed.

Technical Trainer.
Writing technical training material, including hardware, software, and engineering techniques; incorporating site surveying, delivery, installation, commissioning/testing, and auditing skills.

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 Tel: 01908 676463   Mobile: 07966 399748   EMail: djl@qitc.com

Bill Mitchell, SS7 project leader, Aculab worked directly with Dave at Aculab Plc
"It's been a pleasure working with Dave. His extensive background in telecoms has rendered him as something of a gold mine of useful general industry information. In his tech pubs role I've been able to rely on him to get things done in a timely and professional manner, and he has proven a valuable advisor in ways to express complex ideas in an easy to understand manner."

Gary Butler, Channel Sales Manager, Aculab Plc worked with Dave at Aculab Plc
"Working with Dave is always a pleasure. He is a true professional, enthusiastic, creative and always willing to help others. Dave goes the extra mile every time. His experience and enquisitive nature means that he has the ability to come up with extraordinary solutions and make the impossible happen. A man worth knowing."

Alan Perrett, Account manager, Aculab PLC
“Dave is a very knowledgeable and thorough professional, he always puts maximum effort into anything he does and often goes the extra mile. At Aculab Dave not only wrote the technical documentation which went with every product but in many cases he put the documentation to a practical test and then went on to re-write if required thus bridging the gap between what the product specification called for and the real world experience, which was invaluable to the sales team and all other company departments.”

Test Results:
Auditory 46.2% Visual 53.8% (100%) Logic 52.2% Reason 47.8% (100%)

Definition: A rare individual perfectly balanced in both hemispheric tendencies and sensory learning preferences. Brings resource to problem solving that others may not have. Can perceive both the big picture and essential details simultaneously and maintain the cognitive perspective required. Possessing sufficient skills to translate intuition into a form that can be understood by others, while still being able to access ideas and concepts that do not lend themselves to language. With a balance of sensory styles, processing data alternately, (at times visual and other times auditory). Due to possessing great plasticity and flexibility, has the ability to succeed in multiple fields. With an IQ estimate of 140

D J Longstaff is known for his dogged determination in working conscientiously at a task until it is finished.

  • Can be a hard task master who does not suffer fools gladly. His focus is on results and he wants to get the correct results each and every time.
  • Likes to go for it in his totally thorough way, and he's systematic about it so you can follow him!
  • Cares about right and wrong and would enjoy an environment where these values were shared.

Nightmare Job - An environment where ideals are not valued will never do.

In a Team - biggest fear about a team is that they'll all turn out to be noisy!

Dress code - You probably are quite happy wearing formal attire

How you feel about job interviews - You don't mind, provided the people doing the interviewing are up to the task, but in your experience they are usually not!

Your reaction to an argument with a work colleague - ARGUE! You don't argue, you tell it as it is and if people don't like it then that's not your fault - they will just have to live with it!!!