About QITC
Dave Longstaff is QITC, a company formed in March 1995. Dave had spent 22 years as a Transmission Engineer and Quality, Systems, and Strategy solutions development manager for BT before leaving to start Quality ITC Consultants limited; Providing solutions through Business/Process Analysis, Technical Authoring, webpage authoring/management, and ISO 9000:2000/8 implementation & Auditing

To provide Excellent Solutions

A Fellow of the institute Of Scientific and Technical Communicators (FISTC) and certified Internal Quality Auditor (IQA), with the honourary title of the 'Document Doctor'

Clients include:

ACULAB - Publications Management for Computer Telephony Systems documentation and ISO9000:2008
ALCATEL - Eircom Axioss project documentation
ALCATEL - Government Highways Network Project documentation
ALCATEL - SDH Network Management Project documentation
ANGELPOWER - angelpower.co.uk Website management
BT - Automatic Loopback Equipment Systems (ALES) Hardware design and development
BT - Computer Aided Management for Special Services (CAMSS) design, development, and Roleout project
BT - Remote Access Test Equipment Systems (RATES) Procurement, Installation, Access Network, Development
BT - Quality, Systems, and Strategy - National repair process design and implementation
BT - Transmission Systems (Copper, Co-ax, Firbre Optic, and wireless)
BTW-UK - btw-uk.co.uk website management
BTW-UK Area 2 - btwarea2.co.uk Website development and management
CACHE - Business Procedures and Processes, documentation
CALL OUT SERVICES - IT, Telecomms, and Quality Management
DICTATE ON LINE - dictate-online.co.uk Website development
EGON ZEHNDER INTERNATIONAL - Blackberry application documentation and training.
FUJITSU - Ford Network Architecture (Swift project) - migration of Jaguar to Tatra
GREAT LINFORD SCOUTS - glscouts.co.uk Website development/management
HEWLETT PACKARD - Telecomms Systems Division SS7 and Fraud application documentation
IONICA - Fixed Wireless Access Systems Implementation and Support documentation
GENEALOGY - longstaff.org.uk website development/management
GENEALOGY - thewalkertree.co.uk website development/management
MILTON KEYNES CLASSIC CAR CLUB - mkccc.com Website dev'/management
SKILLS TO LEARN - training material.
T-SYSTEMS - BP GTS Programme Management Office, Global Network solutions transition and transformation documentaion.

Documents include:

Administration Guides
API Guides/SDKs
Application Guides
Architecture Designs
Bid documentation
Configurations Guides
Core Procedures
Documentation Templates
Implementation Plans
Installation Guides
On Line Help
Operations Manuals
Overall Solution Designs
Quick Start Guides
Quality Manuals
Solution Designs
Style Guides
Test Schedules
Training Material
User Guides
Work Instructions