The Longstaff Family

Thought to originate from the name given to the bearer of a long staff. The long staff was approximately twelve feet long, a longer version of the short staff, which was 6 to 9 feet long, more commonly known as the quarterstaff. The staff could be ornate or a simple shaft of wood, a symbolic weapon such as a tipstaff carried by a sergeant, bailiff or other officer of the law who often carried a long staff as a badge of office. Nickname for a sergeant or bailiff or another officer of the law

ARMS (SHIELD): a bend Sable fimbriated Argent between Three PHEONS of the second, on a chief Gules a bezant between Two FLEURS-DE-LIS of the field.

CREST: A STAG standing at gaze under a TREE Proper      MOTTO: VIGILATE -"WATCH"

Earliest records of the surname Longstaff are of an old Norfolk name seated from ancient times, before hastings 1066:
Hugo Longstaff 1210 Leicestershire, William Longstaff 1273 Yorkshire, Henry Longstaff 1630 New Hampshire, Nicholas Langstaff, 1583 in IGI (Hunderthwaite, NR Yorks). John Longstaff 1660 Clerkenwell, Elizabeth Longstaff 1680 Barbados, Barbara Longstaff married to William Pricklowe at St. Georges, Hanover Square in 1748, Thomas Longstaff 1875-1964 - Mountaineer, Captain William Frederick Longstaff 1879-1953 - Australian war artist, and George Longstaff 1947 - 2003 - Bicyle builder

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